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Christmas Lights

Laura Alice Hargiss


A Poem

While driving thru a neighborhood last night
I felt the first real glimmer of Holiday cheer this Season
and it lit up the darkness around me
in more ways than one

Houses illuminated bright with festive colors
occasionally displaying hints of young children
having helped hang sparkling strands with
beaming smiles of pride;
No recognition or shame for the crooked lines
and mis-matched sized loops,
simply brimming full of joy at the Advent beginning

And I smiled

And for one small moment,
I looked forward to the Season:
To shopping and wrapping
presents and bows,
To prepping and baking
plates of cookies and fudge,
Dancing and singing along
to our favorite holiday songs
while trimming the tree with
fond memories as the twinkling lights glow,
Late night fireside reminiscing
nursing hot cocoa (with marshmallows!)
toasting warm our fingers and toes,
Chaotic family gatherings
echoing laughter and love

And I thought of you — the paramount in Christmas Spirit
and I could see you, wearing those big sparkling earrings
of snowmen or colorful Christmas trees
under a headband of glittery bows and bouncy blonde curls,
I could hear that squeal of joy
you so often emitted upon our reunion
that I always teased only dogs could hear,
I could feel the warmth of your tight embrace
and smell the notes of your sweet perfume,
I could feel your plush fuzzy scarf
and the crisp night air upon your chilled rosy cheek
as you pressed yours to mine,
Eyes and smile bright and gleaming,
your energetic soul always filled the room
in a way no one else could accomplish

And I realized with my growing smile
that your endlessly benevolent heart
is why in you I always felt Christmas come alive
and with you I always felt at home

But the moment passed quickly
and my smile turned to tears;
My first Christmas Home in so many years
could not really be Christmas at all
because you’re no longer here

Those happy days are gone now
and I mourn that they cannot be again
Though we may try our hardest,
“Happiness” has a new definition
we are still trying to define
One thing I know for sure,
I can add in the following line:

“Happiness is my sister, Amy;
see also ‘Love’,
‘Christmas’, and