Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

Emmanuel, God With Us

A Christmas Poem

Laura Alice Hargiss
2 min readDec 25, 2020


A year of change, full with clamor
of biting voices and bitten hearts
So much worry, so much fear
of Future’s path, of life both far and near
Adjustment, revision;
our minds shift and we transition
evolving into something new

Apart thru space, alone we now live
in our homes, our work, our world
No hand to touch, no friend to hold
we ache for connection and long for swift change
to bring warmth to our surroundings
and soften the harsh strange

Amidst this thick darkness
shines a light unfeigned
Bearing boundless hope,
unfathomable love has a name

He is The Christ
our Savior, still the same
we celebrate
His birth,
His life,
His reign
and remember His promise to all the earth:
if our hearts we freely give Him
eternal life we can claim

While we may feel alone
in this solitary present
this light,
this hope,
this love
He gives freely every minute

Yes, for now, the future is
unclear, uncertain
but restful peace
we can seek and find
in The King of Kings,
The Son of Man,
The Messiah,
The Protector of Mankind

Remember the manger
where our Deliverer was delivered
and ponder the miracle of His birth

Picture Bethlehem, still in the quiet night
unaware of the blessed wonder now sleeping
wrapped and swaddled, resting in the arms of Mary

Think of the angels descending,
declaring the new beginning
of shepherds who joyfully ran to see Him
shouting laughter, sharing glad news,
and in their hearts rejoicing

Look to the sky and behold
the twinkling stars
let them guide you as the wise of old
to The Lord,
Our God,
The Light of the World

His arms are outstretched towards you
His embrace will hold you tight
until my arms can wrap around you,
let Him warm you with His light