Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Puppet Master

A Poem

Laura Alice Hargiss
2 min readFeb 12, 2021


Magnetic and charming
he exudes confidence replete
Devouring your attention and affection
gifting you shivers from your head to your feet
He blithely captures your body and mind
reeling you in, hook, a prey beat
He flexes and admires his muscles,
his strength in the fight now complete

You hear the screaming of demons
every time he speaks
Yet somehow his words,
they always read so sweet
Now beauty’s turned to ruin,
friction gaining heat
Igniting your heart and soul,
burning all down to ashes and debris

He pushes and pulls;
rubber band, snap and repeat
Feelings of false security
when he touches your cheek
Excitement, sensuality,
fleeting comfort rushes in every time you meet
dragging in-tow an aching
of the loss you’ll inevitably greet

For the moment, it’s enough,
persuasion is harder to complete;
Gaslighter, he’s so perfect
at practicing deceit
In night’s black stillness echos
his very soul mocking, indiscreet
A spider relishing it’s woven web
reveling such a successful feat

So you’re stuck with a lover
who can’t meet your needs
and you’re drowning
in hatred and self defeat
You’re worth more than what he tells you
of a surety, that much is concrete
This was never real love
only lies and conceit

Phoenix, you must rise
you must fight, I entreat
Unhindered, at this rate he will soon succeed
in making you feel obsolete
If this is digging a grave
you’re already deeper than six feet
You’re going to have to do more
or end up as nothing but food for the weeds