Photo by Michael Foster from Pexels

Rubber Band

A poem

Push and pull,
heave and growl.
Grinding teeth,
chip and shatter.
Biting tongue ‘til
blood, taste iron.
Sweat drips down
furrowed brow,
wets dried lips ‘til
crack, a smile.

Trembling, made it,
two steps forward.
Proudly rest,
bask in glory.

Glazed eyes
stare blankly,
quick addict,
sorely longing;
More warmth,
more light,
less cold, dark night.

Forced muscles
stretch and strangle.
Too hard.
Too soon.
Mind snap.

Ten steps back.




Poet.Writer.Singer.Artist.Graphic/Interior Designer.

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Laura Alice Hargiss

Laura Alice Hargiss

Poet.Writer.Singer.Artist.Graphic/Interior Designer.

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