Photo by luizclas from Pexels


A Poem for Amy

Laura Alice Hargiss
2 min readMar 30, 2021


You wear your scars like tiger stripes,
thin to thick, thick to thin
grooved, bold and painted dark,
woven together into a pattern
depicting strength;
a beauty others envy and delight in

Your tears fall hard
and leave stains upon your skin
uneven, mis-shapen,
inking stops and destinations
distinctive even if you were born a twin
As sun draws out freckles from below,
your leopard spots emerge from emotions within,
whether high or low,
much to your chagrin

Stumbles and crashes, like road rashes,
heal and shed into scale-like snake skin
a look peculiar, your own
rainbow bright colors divided by dark spells
each one reflecting in the light
mesmerizing onlookers; reeling them in

Standing tall and strong,
rooted in faith and prayer
Ever watchful for danger,
you fiercely protect your tribe
with love and sincere care
Warding off undesireables
with the mighty roar of a lion
or rumbling growl of a grizzly bear

Your heart has strength beyond compare,
leaping meditative and patient
to champion of the race,
record breaking speed
built and formed for endurance
Like a cheetah running down prey
over and over again,
some wonder and question
why they would ever attempt
to fight you, to even begin

Larger than life,
you dance and you spin
elegant, soaking everything in
Selfless, kind, and empathetic,
starkly contrasting the world you live in
Some see Zebra, other Dalmation
you stand out from the crowd,
stoic, humble, altruistic
and they treat you like that’s a sin

You are wild and don’t hide it
tattoos mark life’s journeys all over your skin,
what you’ve learned, what you’ve suffered,
where you’ve physically and mentally been
Your spirit soars, lifting souls
your mind flies higher and deeper
than any feathered creature
or smooth and glossy fin

You can see the larger landscape,
a picture known to few:
venturing further into the unknown
experiencing consequences of seeds unsewn,
you’ve embraced moments of hardship
as you stretched your wings and grew

The world admires in marvel,
revering you as divine
desiring study and inspection
as they simply cannot understand your mind
Don’t fall for their invitations
Don’t let your pride build up or give in
Their flattering admirations aren’t compliments,
they just wish to cage you
to imitate a win

You are divine
the blood of Gods runs thru your veins;
You are moulded from stardust
and the purest of gems
Hold your head high, stay wild and free
of the ropes and chains
in which devils wish you to be

You belong amongst fields of green
and flowering meadows,
in mossy untamed forests
and scaling towering mountains
carried gently by the wind
When all is explored and adventure’s run its course,
follow whispering brooks and whistling rivers
to lands end
and sail across the oceans
for new life to begin