Photo by Ismael Sánchez

When soft breath whispers
or forceful gale blows, I brace
strengthening my roots

With time I evolve,
lush lithe soul to firm bedrock,
I stand grounded, sage

Soothing tender kiss
to monstrous wave, I ripple
Underrate me not

I, cogent, rise up
Soul ignited, blazing bright
I incinerate



Photo by Michael Foster from Pexels

Push and pull,
heave and growl.
Grinding teeth,
chip and shatter.
Biting tongue ‘til
blood, taste iron.
Sweat drips down
furrowed brow,
wets dried lips ‘til
crack, a smile.

Trembling, made it,
two steps forward.
Proudly rest,
bask in glory.

Glazed eyes
stare blankly,
quick addict,
sorely longing;
More warmth,
more light,
less cold, dark night.

Forced muscles
stretch and strangle.
Too hard.
Too soon.
Mind snap.

Ten steps back.